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Calcute License

Calcute (the "software") is offered exclusively to those who can abide by the remaining terms of this license. If you do not agree with these or if your jurisdiction makes them unenforceable then you do not have permission to use or to retain this software, you may not install it on a computer system, and you must delete it if it has already been installed.


Everyone is authorized to utilize the software for any purpose except as stipulated in the remaining terms of this license.


Anyone who makes use of the software for any purpose acknowledges that it does not present any guarantee either expressed or implied, regarding suitability or fitness for any use. The software is provided "as is". By using it in any manner, all users remain solely responsible for the consequences of this use and will not hold the author, copyright holder or distributor responsible for any direct or indirect result of this use, including but not limited to damages, liability, tort or any other effect in connection with it.

Intellectual Property

No one is authorized to modify, decompile, reverse-engineer or otherwise investigate any part of the software. It was created to be utilized, not analyzed. This software and its accompanying documentation are copyrighted. This intellectual property is not transfered to anyone.

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